What is true healing?

True healing is based on treating the whole person during a healing session, not only the physical symptoms.

I have learned that conditions, illnesses, physical and emotional pain 1 can often only be treated successfully when all aspects are taken into consideration.

I offer help for chronicle illnesses 2 and pain caused through wrong lifestyle/poor decisions, trauma and addictions 3 in a different approach with in-depth conversations, walks in energised areas, salt baths and focusing energy.


If you are addicted in anyway you are not in balance. An addiction/desire is CONTROLLING YOU and so it becomes a problem. I can help you to find your (inner) balance again, because the inner self (you) and outer body is linked together.

Anyone who would like to experience a new way of healing are very welcome.

True healing provides help in a new way, because I will try my best to find out the real reasons of your suffering. I very much look forward to helping you.

Thorsten Ohler

1. past events/experiences, shocks or traumas.

2. persistent physical pain – backache, headaches/migraines, stiffness, asthma etc.

3. smoking, alcohol, working (workaholic), negativity, drugs, worrying, shopping, sports, anger etc.




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