What is Energy Healing?

Some healing sessions have to focus on the inner person. True healing is often much more than treating the outward physical symptoms of a complaint. The causes can lie much more deeply in a person's soul, for example.

This is why some healing sessions have to focus on the inner person.

By having an in-depth conversation, ideas and views that we have always believed to be the truth are illuminated differently and can be altered.

This approach is particularly important where (wrong lifestyle, shocks, traumas, and poor decisions) causes blockages in the non physical body 'Soul' which manifest in the physical body causing chronicle illnesses and dependencies and other addictions.

After working intensively on your inner self within the context of consultations, you will be given special exercises to do at home and, by targeting energy at specific areas, you will allow blockages in the body and the soul that have become compacted and hardened to be loosened and released - enabling healing to take place.

I also offer healing sessions that focus on external injuries sustained from accidents, sports injuries etc., which result in physical pain. These injuries can also be helped by focusing energy at the area of concern.

The success of a healing session relies, to a considerable extent, on the inner attitude of the sufferer.

It takes courage to accept a new approach to healing , and I am looking forward to helping you!




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