About True-healing

Many people stumble around in this beautiful world like helpless children - restless, anxious and afraid. They are all looking for something but they usually do not know what it is.

I can tell you what you are searching for: inner peace. For only when you have peace are you truly free. But it is impossible to attain this state if you are dissatisfied and have no freedom.

Dissatisfaction with other people, with situations, with yourself - borne of frustration, anxiety and fears.

We all want to be happy and satisfied. Who would wish to live a life of dissatisfaction, stress and be unhappy? No one!

But our inclinations and/or addictions make us dissatisfied (tied down). We can be addicted to alcohol or drugs, or be violent, shy, impatient, depressed, etc. and it always comes back to the same cause: our dependency.

Is there anything that can help us in this predicament? Quite simply, yes: true healing.

True healing shines a light into the darkness. The real reasons for an affliction can be gently illuminated and recognised, for only when you know the true cause of suffering can you be truly healed.

Nowadays there is a tendency to tackle only the symptoms with a battery of methods.

But every symptom has its cause - and (wanting to find) this cause is the first and most important step in true healing. And a lot can happen!

If this introduction strikes a chord with you; if the power that flows through these words
touches you and if you are suffering in some way, be it physically, emotionally or spiritually,
then I will be happy to help you on your path to happiness and health,

with healing power from the light.

For this is what I have learned, from many years of experiencing my own difficulties in life.



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