About Me

I have been practising as a therapist for many years beginning with my training as a physiotherapist in Germany.

This was interrupted after a few years as my destiny took me to Spain where I worked for some years as a masseur.

Then I moved to England to start a family and here I acquired a great deal of life experience.

I have completed further study in England including training as a sport masseur and as a Bowen therapist.

As a result of problematic issues I came to a point where I realised that many situations in my life kept repeating themselves but in a different guise.

And I recognised that I myself was always the main problem.

Initially it was very painful to acknowledge this but this was the beginning of true healing for me.

Now I have a strong urge to help others who wish to make their first steps towards experiencing true healing.

And who could help more effectively than one who has experienced this healing personally?

As already mentioned, much can happen. You can experience help if you want to receive it.






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